Starter Fertilizers For Seeding

Starter Fertilizers For Seeding

Ferti-Lome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer

Whether you’re overseeding an established lawn, starting over after a full lawn renovation, or planting new grass seed on bare soil, choosing the right starter fertilizer is key. Starter fertilizer differs from other fertilizers mainly due to the higher levels of Phosphorus (P). This number on the bag (the second number, or “P” of N-P-K) … Read more

The 5 Best Crabgrass Killers

smooth crabgrass

Crabgrass is an invasive annual weed that can quickly get out of hand if not properly prevented using crabgrass preventers and pre-emergent herbicides, or killing crabgrass using post-emergent herbicides. Crabgrass will begin to germinate when the soil temperatures reach approximately 55 degrees for four or more consecutive days and continue to germinate throughout the spring and … Read more

Milorganite Alternatives


Milorganite is one of the best organic fertilizers on the market. The popular slow-release nitrogen formula, from Milwaukee, WI, now comes in a 32-pound bag and covers 2,500 square feet of lawn. This delivers 0.72 lbs. of nitrogen per 1,000 sq. ft. of turf. It also contains the right amount of essential phosphorus, calcium, and … Read more

Summer Survival – Treat & Prevent Heat Stressed Lawns


A brand new Kelp4Less lawn care product has hit the shelves to help aid in lawn heat stress, combat lawn drought, and ward off fungus and diseases Summer Survival is the perfect all-in-one water soluble mix from Kelp4Less. It contains critical ingredients to help with drought resistance, while still promoting root growth and development. Summer … Read more

Carbon Phix – THE BEST Carbon X Alternative


There’s no denying how effective and how well Carbon X fertilizer worked. It was a 24-0-4 blend with 14% sulfur, 7% carbon and 2% iron. Before Carbon Earth Company went out of business, Carbon X fertilizer was later re-labeled as CX DIY on Yard Mastery. Since then, there has never been a true alternative… until … Read more

[N-Ext] RGS™ Alternative | Root Growth Stimulant Substitute

N-Ext RGS Root Growth Stimulant Bottle

Looking for an alternative or substitute for [N-Ext] RGS™? Maybe you’re interested in substituting liquids by mixing your own solutions? Even more, looking to save a lot of money? If you have access to water, then mixing your own RGS concentrate solution is very simple. The RGS alternative solution is simple: just mix one pound … Read more

[N-Ext] Humic12™ Alternative

Kelp4less Humic Acid

Looking for an alternative to liquid humic acids like [N-Ext] Humic12™? Maybe you’re interested in substituting liquids by mixing your own solutions? Even more, looking to save a lot of money? If you have access to water, then mixing your own humic concentrate solution is very simple. I for one enjoy mixing my own lawn fertilizers … Read more

KELP4LESS Thatch Eater (2-0-4) Lawn Care

Kelp4less Thatch Eater

SHOP KELP4LESS THATCH EATER Application Rates: 1-2 ounces by weight or two-to-four (2-4) level Tablespoons per gallon per 1,000 sq. ft. Application Intervals: Apply late spring and summer following Aeration + Yucca applications to help break down thatch and excessive organic matter. For best results, apply foliar in the early evening the night before irrigating. Water … Read more