Kelp4less 2 for 1 Tuesday Sale EXTREME BLEND (1/5/2021 only)

Today (Tuesday January 5, 2021) Kelp4less is running its 2-for-1 Tuesday sale and featuring their most popular product, Extreme Blend! If you select the 5 lbs. option, select 2 in the quantity and apply my coupon code lawnphix at checkout, you’ll get 10 lbs. of Extreme Blend for under $100 (before tax and FREE shipping)! … Read more

Kelp4Less Coupons & Deals


Kelp4Less makes some of the best, most affordable products for your plants and lawn. From molasses powder and calcium carbonate to amazing all-in-one solutions like Extreme Blend, your shelves need to be stocked with their products. Whether you’re a lawn care nut, commercial grower, flower enthusiast or just someone who wants quality fertilizers and food … Read more

The 5 Best Crabgrass Preventers – Pre-Emergent Herbicides

Crabgrass is a pesky annual weed that needs to be prevented early in the season. There are a number of crabgrass killers on the market, but applying a split application of pre-emergents in the early and late spring can limit the need for any post emergent herbicides. That’s why controlling crabgrass is one of the … Read more

The 5 Best Crabgrass Killers

Crabgrass is an invasive annual weed that can quickly get out of hand if not properly prevented using crabgrass preventers and pre-emergents, or killing crabgrass using post-emergent herbicides. Crabgrass will begin to germinate when the soil temperatures reach approximately 55 degrees for four or more consecutive days, and continue to germinate throughout the spring and … Read more

Cool Season Grass Guide

There are five important cool-season grass families. Tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, fine fescue and creeping bentgrass (used almost exclusively on golf course putting greens). Jonathan Green Black Beauty® Ultra contains three out of the five families. These grass varieties, bred by Jonathan Green turf grass plant breeders, are some of the best on … Read more

Cool Season Lawn Care Guide

Updated 2021 calendar now available free! Click the button now to get your own copy today! Lawn Phix was the July 2019 winner of the Jonathan Green, Show Us Your Lawn contest. Since then, everyone asks, ‘what do you do to your lawn?’. This PDF download shows it all. Everything from what I do in early spring, … Read more