The Best Lawn Care Stocking Stuffer Christmas Gifts Ideas (2019)

The Best Lawn Care Stocking Stuffer Christmas Gifts Ideas (2019)


6 Must Have Lawn Care Stocking Stuffers

Do you have a lawn care nut in your family and struggling to find them Christmas Gifts this year? These six items are absolute must-haves. They’re affordable, fit perfectly in a Christmas and Holiday Stocking, and will play a pivotal role in ensuring they continue to dominate with their deep dark green lawns this year. 

Soil Thermometer

A simple but effective digital thermometer is a must-have for the lawn care nut in your family. A quick, easy-to-read temperature of the soil is important from the early spring stages of then to apply pre-emergent herbicides, to end of the season during overseeding. Fits nicely in a Christmas stocking and is very affordable.




Soil Tester

Before applying any type of fertilizer, you must know what your soil needs – from Nitrogen to pH. This popular Soil Test Kit by Soil Savvy does just the trick. Take a few samples of soil in different spots throughout your yard, mix it, add to the Soil Savvy container, and mail it back. Within a week or so you’ll see exactly what your soil needs. 




Echo Universal Weed Whacker Trimmer Head



No one likes replacing the sting on a weed whacker. Nobody. It’s a royal pain in the neck. But don’t let that stop your lawn care addict from dominating those edges. The Echo Universal Trimmer Head takes that headache away. Now you can quickly and easily replace those strings in a jiffy. 








Tenacity Herbicide

I wrote a detailed review of Tenacity Herbicide. This is on the pricey side but is hands-down one of the best herbicides on the market today. It exploded in popularity in 2019 and for very good reason. A little goes a long way while acting as both a pre-emergent and post emergent herbicide. And the best part about it is that it’s safe to use while seeding. Don’t forget the non-ionic surfactant, too!





Weeder Hand Tool

This weed tool is awesome. Sometimes weeds are so sparse that it just doesn’t make sense to throw down any more chemicals.  And most of the time, ripping weeds out with your hands just doesn’t cut it – especially those hearty broadleaf weeds like dandelion and violet. This ergonomic tool does just the trick. Far better, and quicker, then using a screwdriver, this tool easily pulls up even the toughest weeds. It’s sharp and strong enough to drive deep into the soil, eradicating the weed and its taproot.  




Lawn Phix’s FREE Lawn Care Guide

That’s right, it’s FREE! My 10 page PDF with step-by-step instructions on what to do, what to apply, and when throughout the cool season growing season (April – November). Download this as a PDF, print it out and you have yourself the cheapest – but perhaps the most valuable – lawn care gift on this list. Don’t forgot the view the Recommended Products page. There I link to all of the products that I’ve used to help me dominate my neighborhood and win the Jonathan Green Show Us Your Lawn contest for July 2019. 





I hope this list was helpful! If you have other ideas for lawn care stocking stuffers and other small gifts, please leave them in the comments below. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! 

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