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Reach your target audience on Lawn Phix with 100% share of voice – meaning your ads will be present on every Lawn Phix page across all device types.

Your header/banner image link will be 450×150 pixels, and your second ad will be on the right sidebar in 195×195 pixel square.

Below are some metrics from Google Analytics, and 3rd party tools in SEMRush and Ahrefs. We are averaging over +530 pageviews per day in April 2020 which is a +170% increase from March 2020. 

We are currently trending upwards as we head into the growing season (April – October). 

Contact me today for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly opportunities as space lasts. Don’t miss out on these exclusive rates while the cool season lawn care season is in full swing!

Ad Type Real Estate Duration Cost
Banners Header, Sidebar 1 month $1,500
Banners Header, Sidebar 2 weeks $800
Banners Header, Sidebar 1 week $500
Text Links Sidebar 1 month $450
Text Links Sidebar 2 weeks $250
Text Links Sidebar 1 week $150
Custom Custom Custom Inquire



One Month Exclusive/Flat Rate: $1,500

All advertisers and sponsors are accepted for this limited-availability program on a first-come, first-served basis. Current net rates are subject to change. Option to renew will be at then-effective rates. Lawn Phix reserves the right to refuse campaigns/creative it deems inappropriate.

Ads/Banners Specifications:

* 450×150, looping limited to 3
* 195×195, looping limited to 3
* Lawn Phix also has Sponsor Links that are limited to 50 characters and may not exceed one line


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