[N-Ext] RGS™ Alternative | Root Growth Stimulant Substitute

N-Ext RGS Root Growth Stimulant Bottle

Looking for an alternative or substitute for [N-Ext] RGS™? Maybe you’re interested in substituting liquids by mixing your own solutions? Even more, looking to save a lot of money? If you have access to water, then mixing your own RGS concentrate solution is very simple. The RGS alternative solution is simple: just mix one pound … Read more

Lawn Phix’s Lawn Care Plan for 2021


I’m always open to try new things. I’m constantly learning, too. So for 2021, I decided to do something new and go for an exclusive Kelp4less only lawn care plan. Their products are amazing and have never failed me yet. For years at my old house, I always had dead patches of grass in the … Read more

KELP4LESS Thatch Eater (2-0-4) Lawn Care

Kelp4less Thatch Eater

SHOP KELP4LESS THATCH EATER Application Rates: 1-2 ounces by weight or two-to-four (2-4) level Tablespoons per gallon per 1,000 sq. ft. Application Intervals: Apply late spring and summer following Aeration + Yucca applications to help break down thatch and excessive organic matter. For best results, apply foliar in the early evening the night before irrigating. Water … Read more

KELP4LESS Green Balance (5-1-1) Lawn Care

Kelp4less Green Balance

SHOP KELP4LESS GREEN BALANCE Kelp4less Green Balance is your new everyday soil amendment. It’s packed with tons of micronutrients and organics – including 16% Humic Acid – to help keep your lawn healthy, green and lush.  Application Rates: 2 ounces by weight or four  (4) heaping/rounded Tablespoons per gallon per 1,000 sq. ft. Application Intervals: … Read more

Grub Killers & Grub Control Products

Acelepryn G Insecticide Grub Control

For being such small insects, grubs and grub larvae cause devastating widespread damage to residential lawns. Without the proper control and preventive measures in your lawn care program, grub worms will damage and kill your grass to the point of needing full repair and renovation. It’s important to know the difference between insecticides that will … Read more