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Weeds To Watch This Spring – Hairy Bittercress

Despite the chilly outdoor temps, spring is here. One surefire way to tell is the sight of weeds with small white flowers popping up in your lawn and landscape. I’ve seen several posts about this …


Monthly Phix Newsletter – March 2024 (Vol 02)

Turf Nutrition Services Round One Application – Pre-Emergent  This is an exciting time of year. Spring is approaching, so I’ll hit the road in the next few weeks! I plan on being out in the …
melting out and leaf spot disease

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Melting out disease in lawns: A guide to identifying, treating, and preventing

Melting out disease is a common lawn disease caused by a fungus. I see a lot of it up here in New England. Though similar to leaf spot, melting out disease is a cool weather …
Spring Lawn Fertilizer Application

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Spring Lawn Care Pre-Emergent Tips: How to Use & When to Apply Herbicides

When is the best time to apply pre-emergent herbicides to your lawn in order to prevent common weeds like crabgrass? The Lawn Phix team recommends spring as the optimal time for applying pre-emergent herbicides. We …
Dylox 6.2 G granular insecticide - close up


Top Grub Control & Prevention Products for 2024

LAWN PHIX PRO PICK Dylox 6.2 granular insecticide is my top grub killer by a mile. If you’re looking for prevention, start with Acelepryn. I always have at least a few bags of both when …

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Don’t Skip Grub Prevention This Spring (2024)

LAWN PHIX PRO TIPS Grub Warning! This year’s mild winter means more grubs. Skip the ineffective Imidacloprid and use Acelepryn for prevention instead. Apply confidently in the early spring (April-May) to avoid lawn damage. Acelepryn …


Monthly Phix Newsletter – February 2024 (Vol 01)

Stay Connected Be sure to stay connected and follow Lawn Phix on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. I use these social media outlets to post timely tips and showcase stunning before and after photos and everything …
Spotted lanternfly on tree


What To Do When You Find A Spotted Lanternfly?(Spotted Lanternfly Management for Residents)

The spotted lanternfly (or SLF) is an invasive insect slowly moving into yards around the East Coast. Easily identified by the black spots on their wings, these pests are a spreader of sooty mold and …
Lawn Stripes in 2023 - Lawn Phix

Lawn Care

2023 Lawn Care Insights: A Season of Growth and Grub Control Mastery

With 2023 (somehow) in the rearview mirror, it’s time to start planning for our 2024 lawns. As a chef by trade and training who loves perfecting ‘recipes,’ I want to use what I learned to …