Getting Rid of Quackgrass in Lawns

Getting Rid of Quackgrass in Lawns

Quackgrass is a common perennial grass that grows in many different climates and just about every type of soil. And if it’s not managed properly, this creeping perennial grass can quickly lead to an unsightly complete lawn takeover. In this post, we’ll cover what you need to know about this weed and how to get … Read more

Wild Violets: What You Need to Know About This Aggressive Weed

wild violet purple flowers

The wild violet is a low-growing perennial weed that has the potential to take over your lawn and existing plants. And killing wild violets isn’t exactly easy. In fact, getting rid of wild violets can take several treatments with weed killers and herbicides to effectively attack and destroy the root system. But it’s important to … Read more

What You Need to Know About Dandelions

dandelion flower in lawn

It’s a common sight in the spring and fall months: dandelions. These weeds are characterized by their yellow flowers as they grow and white puffballs after they bloom. Without proper lawn care, dandelions have the potential to eventually fill in the entire lawn, creating an unsightly yellow blanket of sorts. The good news is you … Read more