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Why Are There So Many Ant Hills in My Yard?

You’ve spent the fall and winter seasons totally free from pest activity. But as the weather starts to warm up and the growing season reappears, you’ve spotted dozens of new ant mounds all over the yard. What happened? And why are there so many ant hills in your yard? The […]

Gopher on the lawn is peeking out of his hole. Close-up

How to Get Rid of Chipmunks

When we think about destructive or frustrating lawn pests, visions of cute, furry rodents aren’t the first things on our minds. However, they definitely should be — tiny animals like chipmunks can wreak havoc on our lawns, gardens, and landscaping. You don’t need us to describe chipmunks for you — […]

Yellow jacket wasp

How to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets in Lawn

Hornets and paper wasps and garbage bees, oh my! Yellow jackets may have a wide range of names, behaviors, and appearances, but they all share the same two traits: they all have black and yellow bodies, and they all sting ferociously! Here’s everything you need to know about dealing with […]

Spittle bug foam in lawn

How to Get Rid of Spittlebugs

Whether you know them as froghoppers, cuckoo spitters, or plain-jane sap-suckers, the spittlebug can be a frustrating pest in any property. These bugs are some of the most common lawn pests in the continental United States, with several species affecting grasses, ornamental trees, and herbaceous plants around residential yards. Thankfully, […]


How to Get Rid of Ground Bees in Your Lawn

Ground bees are a nuisance in every US state. These insects wreak havoc around residential and commercial properties by damaging lawn aesthetics, mounding the soil, and inadvertently causing painful stings. More than 70% of all native bees burrow into dry soil, meaning most stinging insects come from the ground up. […]

Fire ants

How To Get Rid Of Fire Ants (Kill & Prevent Ants in Your Lawn & Home)

Have you been struggling to kill fire ants around your home or business? If so, you are not alone. A single fire ant mound can have more than 200,000 members, and ‘bud’ into dozens of other colonies around the yard. Left to their own devices, these animals can quickly spiral […]

Townsend's mole

How To Get Rid Of Moles In Your Yard

Many lawn pests can be found on the surface of your yard. Unfortunately, pests like moles create tunnels that allow them to live underground without being spotted. This makes them an incredibly frustrating animal to remove, as well as a dangerous creature capable of causing extensive damage to your yard. […]

Silverfish (ctenolepisma lineata)

How To Get Rid Of Silverfish Bugs

Silverfish bugs are some of the most unsettling creepy crawlies to find in your home. Although these pests aren’t known for their aggressive behaviors, ability to spread disease, or painful bites, they can still cause problems for home and business owners. This article will explore some ways to identify silverfish […]

Japanese beetle

How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles (Popillia japonica) are a species of invasive insect native to Eastern Japan. These pests were accidentally introduced to a nursery in Riverton, New Jersey in 1916. Within a matter of decades, the beetle population exploded throughout the United States, now home to millions of hungry beetles. Japanese beetle […]


How To Get Rid Of Ticks

Of all the biting creatures that visit our lawns and gardens, ticks are arguably the worst of all. Not only do these pests have the ability to bite people and pets, but they are able to spread serious diseases as well. Tick prevention will go a long way toward reducing […]

Mosquito on grass blade

How To Get Rid of Mosquitoes

Of all the pest species that frequent our backyards, adult mosquitoes may be the worst of all. Capable of biting humans and sucking their blood, concerns associated with mosquito-borne diseases can keep homeowners from enjoying their lives to the fullest. This article will provide some critical information about pesky mosquitoes, […]