Cool Season Lawn Care Guide

Lawn Phix was the July 2019 winner of the Jonathan Green, Show Us Your Lawn contest. Since then, everyone asks, ‘what do you do to your lawn?’. This PDF download shows it all. Everything from what I do in early spring, to surviving the dog-days of summer, to finally putting the lawn to bed for a long winter’s rest.


This cool season lawn care guide is just $5 and contains an easy-to-follow overview of what to apply and when, a list of preferred products, as well as an editable calendar that you can use to follow along and take notes.

Want to know how to overseed? Or how about dealing with grubs? Or fungus and diseases? This plan has you covered.

Upon downloading this unique cool season lawn care program, you will also have access to email me at anytime with questions, comments and concerns. 


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Nick Calsetta
Nick Calsetta
I found Lawn Phix in my quest to better my newly planted lawn that was sparse and full of weeds. With Mark’s help, I got it under control and looking great! His guides are easy to follow and they point you in the right direction to purchase. I had some other questions he was able to answer to help further along my progress.
Steve Proia
Steve Proia
I inherited a lawn that was full of weeds when we moved in. I didn’t know where to turn and then I found Lawn Phix and the cool season guide, and grateful I did. Following the easy steps with visuals and product links couldn’t have made it easier for a beginner like myself. I took my weed infested lawn and turned it into to a nice lush carpet like lawn that anyone would be proud of, in just one season. Couldn’t have done it with our Lawn Phix!! Thanks again

For the remainder of 2020, Lawn Phix will be donating half of all download sales to the Black Lives Matters Global Network #BLM

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    • Hi Dennis, if you have cool season grass (fescue, perennial rye, and/or Kentucky bluegrass) then you can still use this plan here.


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