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Kelp4less 2 for 1 Tuesday Sale EXTREME BLEND (1/5/2021 only)

Today (Tuesday January 5, 2021) Kelp4less is running its 2-for-1 Tuesday sale and featuring their most popular product, Extreme Blend! If you select the 5 lbs. option, select 2 in the quantity and apply my coupon code lawnphix at checkout, you’ll get 10 lbs. of Extreme Blend for under $100 (before tax and FREE shipping)! … Read more

How To Prepare Your Lawn For Winter

Another growing season has come and gone. For us cool season lawn care enthusiasts, the past seven months have flown by and it’s time to put our lawns away for a long winter’s nap. So with your nitrogen blitz underway and Halloween and Thanksgiving fast approaching, you’re probably asking yourself, how do I prepare my … Read more

Spotty Leopard Print Patterns On Your Grass? It’s Chilling Injury

Are you seeing brown spots in irregular circular patterns in your lawn? Seeing spotty leopard prints and footprint-like spots in your grass after an early snow storm or frost conditions? This anomaly is called “chilling injury”, and the reaction occurs with colder temperatures and heat dissipation. This does not happen often, but we witnessed this … Read more