Liquid Nitrogen Calculator

  1. Enter the percentage of Nitrogen
  2. Enter the weight of liquid fertilizer per 1 gallon
  3. Enter the amount of Nitrogen you want to apply per 1,000 ft²
    1. e.g. for 3/4 lbs./N, type 0.75
Nitrogen (N):
Weight per gallon:
Supplied N/1,000 ft²:
Ounces/1,000 ft²:

Let’s take CoROn 18-3-6 Plus 0.5% as an example. Say I want to spoon feed at 1/2 pound of Nitrogen per 1,000 ft². I plug in 18 in the first box, 10.67 in the second box, and 0.5 in the third box. I click “calculate” and I get 33.32 ounces. So I now know I need about 1 quart of this fertilizer to get 1/2 pound on N per 1,000 ft². 

Photo screenshot: DoMyOwn.com


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As always – read the label! There may be maximum amounts listed by the manufacturer that may conflict with the output of this calculator.

Here’s a great explanation of the math behind it in this YourTube video: