Lawn Size Calculator: Measure My Lawn Square Footage Area

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Lawn Area Calculator

Use this lawn size calculator to measure your lawn and yard size. Ideally, you should use the lawn size calculator to measure each specific space such as your garden, front yard, back yard, property perimeter, etc. This way, you can get a more accurate square footage estimate. Accuracy is important when applying fertilizer and other amendments that could actually damage your grass if applied in too large a quantity.

An accurate measurement of your yard and lawn also helps to prevent overspending. You don’t need to purchase more grass seed or fertilizer than is necessary. When you use the lawn size calculator, you can use the minus sign to subtract property features like your house, driveway, or other obstructions that will prevent an accurate lawn area measurement.

Measure My Lawn: Use These Tips

You can use the dropdown menu when you ‘measure my lawn’ to get square footage or other units of measure. The date imagery lets you plot your lawn on the screen. Easily designate specific property areas to determine lawn area or other lot size features. Use the Google Map app to enter your address and plot your lawn on the screen.

Once you measure your lot size and lawn size, you can purchase your lawn care supplies and apply them with accuracy. By taking time to calculate your lawn area, you can avoid buying more fertilizer and other lawn amendments than you need or not buying enough to cover your lawn size. Save your lawn size calculations so you have them handy for future lawn care applications.


  1. Search the desired location.
  2. Click "Draw", and begin measuring your lawn.
  3. (optional) Toggle between units of measure
  4. (optional) Measure and use subtract to remove any obstructions (pools, sheds, homes, etc.)

Calculate your lawn size with Lawn Phix’s square footage calculator

Using our mapping tool, you can accurately measure your lawn and landscape. An accurate measurement is crucial because it enables you to apply the correct amounts of grass seed, fertilizer, pesticides, and more. The lawn size calculator app calculates lawn size and total square footage with satellite imagery from Google Maps.

Have you ever asked yourself,

  • How much grass seed do I need for my lawn?
  • Do I need to know the square footage of my yard / lawn to apply fertilizer?
  • How do I calculate fertilizer for my garden?
  • How much pesticide does my lawn need?
  • How much herbicide should I apply to my lawn area?

If you’re planting grass seed – overseeding or starting a new lawn – I highly recommend Jonathan Green grass seed . As a lawn care professional, I use their Turf-pro™ line (Sodmaker, specifically), but their premium seed is also readily available online to homeowners. For cool season turf, you can never go wrong with Black Beauty® Ultra.

You can use our lawn size calculator to measure your lawn accurately. Once you know your lawn area, or the square footage of your yard, garden, and landscape, you can more easily determine how much herbicide, pesticide, fertilizer, and grass seed to apply.

An estimate of your lawn area may not provide the accuracy you need to maintain or improve your lawn and garden. If you want to calculate specific areas of your property like the perimeter of your landscape, flower garden, or front lawn, you can do so with a Google Map calculator for lawn size in metric and imperial units.

Lawn Calculator FAQs

How do you measure the size of a lawn?

The lawn size calculator makes it easy to measure the total area of your lawn and property as well as specific lawn size area.

What instrument do you use to measure your yard?

Enter your address in the lawn size calculator to get an accurate estimate of your lawn area. Then, save the calculation so you can refer to it whenever you need to apply lawn amendments.

How can I measure my yard online?

This lawn area calculator is an online tool that makes use of Google Maps. Enter your address and then use the calculator’s tools to specify your lawn area (minus other property features like your house and garden) to get the square footage of grass areas.

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Author: Mark Marino
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