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Red Thread Fungus & Lawn Disease (How to Treat Laetisaria Fuciformis)

How to get rid of Red Thread Lawn Disease Generally occurring during humid periods of spring and fall, red thread fungus disease can leave your lawn looking blighted with irregular shapes of pink patch. Once grass blades affected by the fungus die, they fade to a dull, bleached-out tan hue. […]


Prodiamine Vs. Tenacity Herbicide – What’s The Difference?

If your lawn is lush and green and free from grass weeds and broadleaf weeds, you might not need to worry much about pre and post-emergent herbicides. However, if crabgrass, dandelion weeds, white clover, and creeping jenny have plagued your lawn before, there’s a good chance you need to prepare […]

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Urea vs Ammonium Sulfate: Nitrogen Fertilizers for Lawns & Turfgrass

Both urea and ammonium sulfate can give your lawn a fertilizing boost and are good alternatives to ammonium nitrate, which may be more difficult to procure and more costly. Each of these is a nitrogen fertilizer, but which one is better for your lawn? Considering the cost of nitrogen fertilizers, […]

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Yucca Extract for Lawns: Everything You Need to Know

Yucca is a flowering plant that grows in the desert and is native to the American Southwest and Mexico. The yucca plant works as a biostimulant and natural surfactant when applied to lawns. Not only can yucca extract support a healthy lawn, it can promote soil health too. Agricultural experts […]

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Sea Kelp for Lawns: Biostimulants Benefits Backed by Research

Frequently referred to as a superfood, seaweed does offer a myriad of nutrients for people, so perhaps it should be surprising that seaweed, sea kelp in particular, is also a great natural fertilizer for your lawn and flowering plants. Sea kelp is the largest subgroup of seawood, which includes many […]

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Humic Acid for Lawns – A Guide & Benefits to Humics in Your Yard

Generally referred to as soil conditioner, humic acid is primarily made from decayed organic material that’s rich in nutrients. The primary reason that gardeners add humic acid to their lawn soil is to improve nutrient intake; humic acids, with their beneficial soil microbes, make it easier for grass roots to […]


How Long Does it Take for Quinclorac to Work & Kill Weeds?

Quinclorac is an effective selective herbicide to control any crabgrass problems. This weed killer is popular among many homeowners and most lawn care professionals as it kills a broad spectrum of grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds. It can also be mixed with other 2-way and 3-way herbicides that contain 2,4-D, […]

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Crabgrass vs Bermuda Grass (Difference & Similarities)

The chief difference between crabgrass (or crab grass as it’s sometimes called) and Bermuda is that some property owners actually choose to cultivate Bermuda grass as their lawn, while nobody wants crabgrass. On the other hand, many people want to keep common Bermuda grass out of their lawns because of […]

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What Kind of Grass Do Golf Courses Use?

Golf courses are celebrated for their lush green lawns and picturesque landscapes. While, yes, they enjoy expert landscaping and lawn care services, they also feature certain types of grass that are ideally suited for the game as well as the region where the golf course is located. Here, we explore […]