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2024 Turf Nutrition Plan by Lawn Phix

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Written By: Mark Marino

a Massachusetts Core Applicator License holder and owner/operator of Lawn Phix,

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At Lawn Phix, I constantly learn from podcasts, university extension studies and publications, and my own trial and error. I enjoy testing and experimenting with new products each season and am always improving my turf nutrition, weed, and insect control plans and services.

Switching from Imicicloprid (Merit) to Chlorantraniloprole (Acelepryn) was a major one from several years ago. While more expensive, I’ve experienced zero grub breakthroughs with Acelepryn. Plus, it’s a much safer product for both humans, pets, and pollinators.

Kelp4Less products have always been in my rotation. To me, this is the secret sauce to making lawns thick, green, and lush. These EffortLush products provide so many nutritional benefits to turf and soil that it’s become a staple in almost every application round through the season.

A few more products that I’ve included as part of my residential and commercial plans in 2023 have been Yucca, Molasses, Mycorrhizae, and Innoculants.

  • Yucca
    • A natural wetting agent and surfactant
    • Improves absorption and uptake of water and nutrients
    • Stimulates turf and root growth and development
    • Help protect from disease and stresses
  • Molasses
    • Provides energy for your grass in the form of carbohydrates/sugars
    • A natural “dethatch” for your lawn
  • Mycorrhizae
    • Expands the depth and density of the turf’s root system
    • Improved biomass and mineral nutrition
    • Better tolerance to water stress

Lastly, I’m trying to get more bang for the buck. What I mean by that is making sure that the products I’m putting down are sustainable and beneficial. For example, many synthetic fertilizers will contain filler (including plastics and rocks) as the carrier. I have been using products that contain beneficial filler and ingredients such as poultry manure and humic acid instead. Yes, it’s more expensive, but considering these products have actual filler that’s good for the soil makes it a slam dunk for Lawn Phix.

Alas, here is a program I’ve tested and plan on running next season. Enjoy!

Turf Nutrition Plan

Early Spring (0.8# K):

  • 16-2-3 Screamin’ Green @ 5#/K
  • Resolute 4FL @ 0.5oz/Gal (Barricade)
  • Green Lawn & Turf @ 0.5 oz./Gal
    • Liquid Yucca @ 0.5 oz./Gal
  • BLW: On Deck + Triclopyr

Late Spring (1.8# K):

  • 30-0-5 Duration w/0.15 Dimension @ 6#/K
  • Green Lawn & Turf @ 0.5 oz./Gal
    • Liquid Yucca @ 0.5 oz./Gal
    • Roots 66 @ 1 Tablespoon/Gal

Early Summer (0.4# K):

  • 5-3-3 Nutrite @ 8#/K
  • Green Lawn & Turf @ 0.5 oz./Gal
    • Liquid Yucca @ 0.5 oz./Gal
    • Molasses @ 1 Tablespoon/Gal
  • BLW: On Deck
  • Crabgrass: Drive XLR8
  • Nutsedge: Empero

Late Summer (Seeding – 0.76# K):

  • 19-19-19 starter fertilizer @ 4#/K
  • Green Lawn & Turf @ 0.5 oz./Gal
  • Weeds: Torocity (Mesotrione)

Late Summer (No Seeding – 1# K):

  • 20-0-5 40% Poly @ 5#/K
  • Resolute 4FL @ 0.5oz/Gal (Barricade)
  • Green Lawn & Turf @ 0.5 oz./Gal

Fall/Winter (0.7# K):

  • 24-0-5 @ 3#/K
  • CalStar Lime @ 6#/K

Nitrogen Totals

Seeding: 4.5#/K
No Seeding: 4.7#/K

Be sure to use my calculators if you have questions about how much nitrogen is being applied per application or suggested bag rates.

You can find most of these products online at Do My Own , Siteone, Valley Green, Amazon, and of course

Lawn Phix 2024 Turf Nutrition Plan

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Author: Mark Marino
My name is Mark Marino, and I am the founder, owner, and operator of Lawn Phix. With a passion for lawn care and turf nutrition for over a decade, I've dedicated countless hours to correcting soil and perfecting lawns. Today, my expertise, backed by formal courses at UMass Extension Pesticide Education, allows me to offer top-tier lawn care services and advice. I am a fully licensed and insured lawn care applicator in Massachusetts, specializing in comprehensive turf nutrition, weed control, and lawn pest control. My license number is AL-0053865. Contact me at [email protected] or +1 (508) 500-8402.

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