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Salutations! Thank you for checking out the Lawn Phix, and welcome!

About me: I am a middle-aged dude who’s young at heart. I have three great children (2 boys, 1 girl) two dogs, and a fantastic wife – she’s put up with me since 2008.

Lawn Phix is not your run of the mill lawn care website or YouTube personality. My favorite lawn care pros are:

  1. Pest & Lawn Ginja
  2. Allyn Hane – LCN
  3. Pete Denny – GCI Turf

My main mission here is to simply take you on my journey, and to provide you cool season grass folk with some in-depth information on how you, too, can have the greenest lawn on the block. I will share a simple DIY guide, step-by-step each month, along with the products that I’ve used and highly recommend. 


Front yard of our new home, fall 2013

I moved into this house in 2013 and have done a million and one renovations to the outdoors. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too hip to the game and didn’t take many before and after pics.

I launched this site to dig into my old archives and try to retrace my steps. I have a handful of pics of the before lawn, and many many of the “after”. I put after in quotations because I am not done – not by a longshot my friends; I’m just getting started.

My prize piece is the 3,000 sq. ft. in my front. We moved a large boulder, planted a memorial Yoshino cherry tree; ripped up an old walkway and overgrown evergreens, and planted hydrangeas, spruce, and hostas with bluerock. However, I’m not falling victim of sinkholes that I never knew existed. 

Front yard, May 2018.

My side yard is brand new – just under 3,000 sq. ft (below). There’s still quite a few oak trees, and I got hit hard last summer with brown patch. It was a great learning experience and I hope to prevent that mess this season.

My backyard is now roughly 10,000 sq. ft. It’s all fenced in and is the home for my kids and dogs. We had a new addition put on last year, so a lot of the turf got trampled and smothered along the way. I also try to be as organic as possible back here… but also got smooshed with Poa Annua, too, so this 2019 will be interesting. 

New renovation in August 2017. Photo taken in May 2018.

I want to document my ~8 months of lawn care through the lens of your typical DIY lawn care nut. I’ve done tons and tons of reading and research the past two years – and while I consider myself an advanced lawn care homeowner, I am by no means a pro. A lot of my success and domination comes from not only my countless hours of reading, but through trial and error. 

So come along for the ride. I’m talking specifically to the Northeast cool season folks, as you know how harsh these winters can be. But you warm season cats, I hope you can enjoy us from the polar-opposite climate. 

Disclaimer: I am not a lawn care professional. These tips I recommend are tactics that have worked brilliantly for me in the past. I do not, and will not try to mimic any of these aforementioned lawn care professionals. They’re all unique and great in their own right. I will always reference these guys whenever I provide any types of recommendations or suggestions.

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