Flowzone Typhoon 2.5 Review (4 Gallon Backpack Sprayer)

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Written By: Mark Marino

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Flowzone is a top lawn care equipment manufacturer brand known for its high-quality backpack sprayers. I’ve been fortunate enough to use Flowzone Typhoon 2.5 backpack sprayer for my lawn nutrition and weed control business for the last several months, and I can’t say enough good things about it.

This has been a considerable addition to my business – from applying micronutrients, spraying weeds, insect and pest control around homes, and even tick and mosquito applications – the Typhoon 2.5 sprayer has been excellent. This is a powerful tool capable of being used to soft wash – I even use it sometimes to rinse off my fertilizer spreaders and use it for my home lawn and garden.

I’ve had this machine for nearly six months and have put plenty of hours into it, and here is my review of this great product – the Flowzone Typhoon 2.5


  • Solid wands, nozzle, and handle
  • Water-proof lid with strainer and handle
  • Super comfortable backpack straps
  • High-pressure power with variable pressure control
  • Battery charging station
  • Overall look and design


I don’t call it cons but rather a “wishlist”:

  • Manual push to show voltage meter
  • A shallow basket strainer

Flowzone Typhoon 2.5 Features

The ComfortStraps System

Starting from the top-down with the backpack straps. These are incredibly comfortable. A convenient padded handle on the top makes carrying, transporting, and emptying a breeze.

There is padding on the back of the Flowzone sprayer ComfortStraps system and ultra-thick backpack straps. The product also has adjustable chest and hip straps (optional) for added comfort and security. Simply attach the backpack straps to the sprayer tank and go.

Variable Pressure & Dial

At full throttle, the Flowzone Typhoon 2.5 sprayer has some kick! There are five different levels on the click-turn dial: from 8 psi to 115 psi, with a battery life of three hours of continuous spraying. It will spray up to 30 feet with low-degree nozzles and output around one gallon per minute.

Not only is the high-pressure great for things like cleaning, but it is also a big time saver. At one gallon per minute, this can easily cut your time in half. Be sure to test, calibrate, and measure the tank spray time for each particular setting when spraying herbicides or anything that could potentially do damage to your turf or ornamentals.

Wand, nozzle, and handle (accessories)

The one thing that immediately stands out and separates itself from other backpack sprayers the rest is the parts. Every other backpack sprayer I’ve used had plastic parts that just felt cheap. Every accessory on this machine is solid.

A UV and bent-resistant hose can withstand up to 300 psi. The pressure washing gun is very solid, easy to use, and has quality brass connectors (not plastic junk).

This backpack sprayer also comes equipped with TeeJet fittings (the best nozzles/tips on the market) and two nozzles: the 25-degree and 0-degree jet nozzles.

There is a redesigned holster clasp at the top of the machine to snugly hold the wand when not in use and another small compartment to place the nozzle end. This is an awesome feature. it helps keep everything safe and secure when not in use.

Solid, water-proof lid with strainer and handle

One of my favorite features on the Flowzone Typhoon 2.5 is the screw top lid with a handle. Twisting to open and close is a breeze with this ergonomic lid handle. And it is a true no-spill, watertight seal. I had forgotten to strap the sprayer down in the bed of my work truck one day, and it tipped over – I did not see any spillage.

This handle also helps with carrying and hoisting onto your back.

Look and design

This is a 4-gallon capacity sprayer with clear markings on the front of the tank. It displays the gallons 1-4 with 1/2 gallon incremental markings in between on the left side of the tank. And on the right clearly shows liters – from 5, 10, and 15, with lines in between for each incremental liter.

It’s the same 4-gallon capacity as most other competing backpack sprayers on the market but feels much smaller (in a good way). The design is tight and streamlined, making it less bulky than most other backpack sprayers I’ve used in the last 10 years.

Battery life and charging station

I really like the removable lithium-ion battery on the Typhoon 2.5. The charger takes up very little shelf space compared to other backpack sprayers that need to plug in directly into the unit for charging. The battery light indicator on the front shines 1-5 green bars while charging.

I have approximately 40 yards to treat – including tick, mosquito, and pest control – and I’ve only needed one fully-charged battery daily. Other units last longer than the Flowzone, but they’re also nowhere close to the power that this unit provides.

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The wishlist

There are only a few things to call out and things I’d put on my “wishlist”.

No voltage meter

One thing I like a lot about backpack sprayers like My4Sons is the visible voltage meter (battery life). The only way to check the battery life on the Flowzone Typhoon Sprayer 2.5 is by opening the fully sealed battery cover and pressing the button on the battery itself. Not a huge deal at all, but an always-visible meter would be a convenient enhancement.

A deeper basket strainer

The basket is fine, but it is more shallow than expected. I think if it were deeper, it would allow for less spillage. The strainer on the Typhoon 2.5 is approximately 3″ deep versus the one on My4Sons, which is about 5″.

Conclusion – Flowzone Typhoon 2.5 Sprayer Review

I am sold. I wholeheartedly recommend the Flowzone Typhoon 2.5 battery backpack sprayer for anyone – from lawn care professionals to homeowners looking for a solid backpack sprayer. It is a higher-end purchase and slightly higher price than others, but there really is no comparison. The parts, quality design, and great customer service from Flowzone and their Typhoon 2.5 make this a quality purchase. I will always have these in my Lawn Phix work truck at all times.

But the Flowzone Typhoon 2.5 backpack sprayer on their website. You can also check prices on Amazon and Do My Own.

Troubleshooting FAQs and videos

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Cyclone and Typhoon sprayer?

Typhoon: 8-115 psi
Cyclone: 8-60 psi

What is the flow rate of the Flowzone typhoon?

From 8 psi up to 115 psi or 0.77 gallons per minute (gpm)

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