Recommended Lawn Care Products

Howdy, lawn care fanatics! Thank you for downloading the updated – and FREE – cool-season lawn care guide!

Below is a list of my preferred products. These are the ones I use on both my lawn and my customers. 

Soil Testing Kit

Check your soil for 13 different nutrients including the all-important pH levels (with soil probe!)

Crabgrass Preventer

Howard Johnson Dimension 0.27% will cover 12,500 sq. ft. at 4 lbs. per 1,000. Use as Round 1 of two split apps. 

Crabgrass Killer

Drive XLR8 has over 18% Quinclorac. Buy the kit which includes blue dye and adjuvant (MSO).

Lawn Fungicide

Propiconazole 14.3 is a popular and affordable option to prevent many common lawn diseases. 

Broadleaf Weed Killer

EndRun is an awesome 3-way herbicide that is labeled for over 80 weeds!

Organic Fertilizer

Made from food-grade organics such as feather meal, soybean meal, and blood meal. Safe for pets and kids.

Grub Prevention

Acelepryn liquid (or granular) is the safest and best grub control product on the market that works.

Grub Killer

Grubs killing your lawn? Use Dylox 6.2 with confidence and eradicate the damaging grub worms.

Soil Ammendments

Designed by Lawn Phix and made by Kelp4Less, Green Lawn & Turf is packed with molasses powder, humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acids, and iron.

Traditional Fertilizer

Carbon Phix is a blend of quick and slow-release nitrogen, SOP, humic acid, carbon, and more. The best Carbon X alternative. 

Starter Fertilizer

The 12-12-12 is the ideal blend for new lawns, overseeding, and sodding. 

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