Monthly Phix Newsletter – February 2024 (Vol 01)

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Written By: Mark Marino, a Massachusetts Core Applicator License holder
and owner/operator of Lawn Phix,

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Snow Mold

What’s Snow Mold?

Snow mold is a common cool-season lawn disease that loves cold weather. It appears after a winter of heavy snow and prolonged cover. Moisture, compaction, and poor air circulation in our cool-season lawns create the perfect conditions for snow mold.

Spotting Snow Mold:

  • Look for straw-colored, matted-down turf with grass blades melded together.
  • Gray snow mold appears in circular patches, while pink snow mold may affect golf courses, penetrating the crown and roots.

Treatment Tips:

  • Air Circulation is Key:
    • Lightly rake affected areas after the snow melts and the turf dries.
    • Wait for the ground to thaw and dry before raking to avoid damage.
    • Use a light rake, not a thatch or metal gardening rake, to gently fluff the grass for better air circulation.
  • Fungicide for Active Cases:
    • If you see cobwebs (mycelium), the disease is still active.
    • Consider a fungicide application to halt snow mold growth.
  • Warmth Brings Recovery:
    • Most grass will recover as temperatures rise in early spring.
    • Extreme cases may require lawn repairs like seeding and patching dead areas.

Remember, a little care now goes a long way in ensuring a lush lawn when warmer days arrive. If you have questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out!

For more information:

Turf Nutrition Services

I am excited to carry and offer even more organic-based products with my new vendor this year. I have crafted and tested an even better hybrid-organic plan for 2024. 

Our products and plan will always include the following:

  • Fertilizer
  • Grub control
  • Nutrition
  • Micronutrients
  • Soil analysis
  • Soil amendments
  • Weed control

I am also offering additional – recommended – applications throughout the year. I will notify you with timely emails when we suggest these applications:

  • Flea & tick
  • Fungicides
  • Humic/Lime
  • Surface insects

Product Spotlight – Yucca

What is Yucca?

Yucca extract, derived from the plant, is rich in nutrients and excels in water conservation. This versatile plant contains steroidal saponins, antioxidants, and stress-alleviating compounds used in modern medicine – and is used in every round of our liquid nutrition program.

Benefits of Applying Yucca Extract to Your Lawn:

  • Improve Absorption of Water and Nutrients:
    • Acts as a natural wetting agent, enhancing water and nutrient distribution.
    • Ideal for improving water penetration in your lawn.
  • Improve Cell Wall Permeability:
    • Saponins in yucca extract enhance liquid dispersal and grass plant cell wall permeability.
  • Reduce Stress:
    • Enhances distress tolerance, protecting your grass from everyday stressors like disease, pests, heat, and drought.
  • Protection from Disease Pathogens:
    • Boosts grass health, aiding in the fight against disease pathogens.
  • Stimulate Plant Growth and Development:
    • Biostimulant properties promote the growth and development of various plants, including grass.
  • Reduce Soil Compaction:
    • Helps break up compacted soil, improving root access to water and nutrients.
    • Ideal for foliar applications to enhance root drench and plant feeding.

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Author: Mark Marino
My name is Mark Marino, and I am the founder, owner, and operator of Lawn Phix. With a passion for lawn care and turf nutrition for over a decade, I've dedicated countless hours to correcting soil and perfecting lawns. Today, my expertise, backed by formal courses at UMass Extension Pesticide Education, allows me to offer top-tier lawn care services and advice. I am a fully licensed and insured lawn care applicator in Massachusetts, specializing in comprehensive turf nutrition, weed control, and lawn pest control. My license number is AL-0053865. Contact me at [email protected] or +1 (508) 500-8402.

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