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Crabgrass and weeds in lawn one week before applying Drive XLR8

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Crabgrass vs Bermuda Grass (Difference & Similarities)

The chief difference between crabgrass (or crab grass as it’s sometimes called) and Bermuda is that some property owners actually choose to cultivate Bermuda grass as their lawn, while nobody wants crabgrass. On the other ...
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What Kind of Grass Do Golf Courses Use?

Golf courses are celebrated for their lush green lawns and picturesque landscapes. While, yes, they enjoy expert landscaping and lawn care services, they also feature certain types of grass that are ideally suited for the ...
Floratam St. Augustine Grass Frontyard

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Bermuda Grass vs St. Augustine Grass (Similarities & Differences)

Trying to decide whether to install a Bermuda grass or St. Augustine lawn? Both of these warm-season grass types have their advantages and disadvantages as well as their similarities and differences. But which lawn grass ...

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How to Get Bermuda Grass to Spread

A vigorous warm season grass, Bermuda grass produces an attractive medium green, dense turf that adapts well to various soil types and climates. Able to withstand foot traffic well and compete with existing weeds, Bermuda ...
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Overseeding with Bermuda Grass

Maintaining a year-round lush green lawn isn’t typically possible unless you overseed Bermuda grass, your warm-season grass, with a cool-season grass like perennial ryegrass. If your Bermuda grass lawn is thin, you should also overseed ...

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How to Kill Bermuda Grass (Get Rid of & Control Bermudagrass)

An aggressive and tenacious warm-season turf grass, Bermuda grass is both loved and despised. Extremely durable to foot traffic, drought-tolerant, and heat-loving, this tough grass can be challenging to remove if it invades your lawn ...