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How To Treat Summer Patch Lawn Disease [Turf & Lawn Fungus]

Summer patch disease is a fungal infection that affects grass blades as well as turfgrass roots of many lawn types, including Kentucky bluegrass, annual bluegrass, and fine fescues. A particularly destructive lawn disease, summer patch may invade a lawn’s root system in spring but not cause symptoms until the hot […]

Eagle 20ew fungicide

THE 5 BEST Lawn Fungicides for 2022 (Treatment for Turf)

Having a thick and healthy lawn requires more than just fertilizers and herbicides. Fungus control plays an important role in proper lawn care. Untreated lawn diseases are not only unsightly, but these grass diseases can spread very quickly and kill your lawn in no time. Be sure to treat brown […]


Brown Patch Lawn Disease (How To Prevent + Treat)

Brown patch lawn disease can quickly turn a healthy lawn into brown and dead grass. Unfortunately, the brown patch fungus is widely spread all over the country. When conditions like hot and humid weather are present, the brown patch development can erupt and, if left untreated, may spread to the […]