THE 5 BEST Fungicides For Lawns

THE 5 BEST Fungicides For Lawns

Artavia 2SC Fungicide

Having a thick and healthy lawn requires more than just fertilizers and herbicides. Fungus control plays an important role in proper lawn care. Untreated lawn diseases are not only unsightly, but these grass diseases can spread very quickly and kill your lawn in no time. Be sure to treat brown patch fungus with the right … Read more

Why Is My Grass Not Green?

Summertime for cool-season grasses can be a very tricky and troublesome period for many lawn care enthusiasts. Between drought and heat stress, grubs and insects, brown patch disease and everything in between fertilizer and herbicide burn, the most common question(s) this time of year is, what wrong with my lawn? Why is my grass turning … Read more

How To Prevent & Treat Brown Patch in Lawns

You survived another long winter. You jumped into your early spring lawn care plan and began the much anticipated hard work of clean-up, applied your first application of crabgrass control and prevention, fertilizer, and are starting to see the lawn quickly green up and grow like crazy.  But soon both the outside temperature and humidity … Read more