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Red Thread Fungus & Lawn Disease (How to Treat Laetisaria Fuciformis)

How to get rid of Red Thread Lawn Disease Generally occurring during humid periods of spring and fall, red thread fungus disease can leave your lawn looking blighted with irregular shapes of pink patch. Once ...
pythium blight lawn

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How to Treat Pythium Blight (Fungus Control)

Sometimes referred to as cottony blight, pythium root rot, or grease spot, pythium blight is a fungal lawn disease that affects various types of turf grass all over the country, but especially warm-season grasses in ...

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How To Treat Summer Patch Lawn Disease [Turf & Lawn Fungus]

Summer patch disease is a fungal infection that affects grass blades as well as turfgrass roots of many lawn types, including Kentucky bluegrass, annual bluegrass, and fine fescues. A particularly destructive lawn disease, summer patch ...

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How To Treat Dollar Spot Fungus (Lawn Disease)

Cool-season grasses make for a visually lovely lawn, but they are also vulnerable to certain types of lawn disease like the dreaded dollar spot fungus. This lawn disease is named for the straw-colored grass patches ...
leaf spot lawn fungus

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How To Treat Leaf Spot Lawn Disease

Leaf spot lawn disease is a common disease that affects bluegrasses and bermuda grasses, including Kentucky bluegrass, tall fescue, and ryegrass. The disease is characterized by brown or black spots that occur on the leaves ...

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Lawn Rust Fungus – The Ultimate Guide

You don’t need to hire a professional gardener to identify one of the more common types of lawn disease. Lawn rust gets its name from the “rust-like” color that turns turf grasses and lawns in ...
gray snow mold

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How to Treat Snow Mold in Your Lawns (Typhula blight)

As the cold days of winter are winding down, we can finally see our lawns with the continued melting snow. While this is almost always a great thing for us lawn care nuts, the melted ...
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THE 5 BEST Lawn Fungicides for 2023 (Treatment for Turf)

Having a thick and healthy lawn requires more than just fertilizers and herbicides. Fungus control plays an important role in proper lawn care. Untreated lawn diseases are not only unsightly, but these grass diseases can ...


Why Is My Grass Turning Yellow? (This is Why Your Grass is Not Green)

Why Is My Grass Turning Yellow? Heat stress, fungal diseases, pest infestation, and even dog urine can all conspire to turn your lush green lawn a different color. Yellowing grass is typically associated with a ...

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Brown Patch Lawn Disease (How To Prevent + Treat)

Brown patch lawn disease can quickly turn a healthy lawn into brown and dead grass. Unfortunately, the brown patch fungus is widely spread all over the country. When conditions like hot and humid weather are ...