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How Much Grass Seed Do I Need? (Grass Seed Calculator)

Whether you’re starting a new lawn or overseeding an existing lawn, you’ll need to know how much seed to buy and use. The seeding rates will vary depending on several factors such as grass varieties, ...
new lawn seedlings germinating

Lawn Care

Preventing Weeds in New Grass (How To Have a Weed-Free Lawn)

For me, there’s nothing better in lawn care than watching new grass seed grow. Whether it’s a newly seeded lawn as part of a lawn renovation or aerating and overseeding your existing yard, anticipating new ...
cool season grass going to seed

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Grass Going To Seed (Grass Seed Heads)

During the middle to late spring, cool-season turfgrasses are in full swing. Soil temps are becoming perfect and outside air temperatures are warming up – your grass is dark green and is looking mint. But ...