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When to Apply Grub Control on Your Lawn (Best Time For Grub Treatment)

Grubs are the larvae of certain insects such as Japanese beetles, Oriental beetles, June beetles, and European chafers. Voracious in their appetite, grubs can do extensive damage to lawns, which is why it’s important to apply grub control measures to stop them before they eat through grassroots. These c-shaped grubs […]

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Scott’s GrubEx vs Bayer Grub Control

If you or your neighbors had issues with Japanese beetles and grubs in the past, then when to apply grub control should be a priority on your lawn care schedule. There are many brands, active ingredients, and grub control products that things can get very confusing. One of those conundrums […]

Milky spore organic grub control product

The 5 Best Grub Control Products for 2022 (Lawn Grub Prevention)

Grub control and prevention is critical to a quality lawn care program. Part of that program is choosing the right product for grub control. More important than the right product is the time of year each grub product is applied. The chemicals and active ingredients of different products have different […]

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THE 5 BEST Grub Killers (Top Control & Kill Grubs Products 2023)

Being such small insects, grubs and grub larvae cause devastating widespread damage to residential lawns. Without the proper control and preventive measures in your lawn care program, grub worms will damage and kill your grass to the point of needing full repair and renovation. This means that you need to […]