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Scott’s GrubEx vs Bayer Grub Control

If you or your neighbors had issues with Japanese beetles and grubs in the past, then when to apply grub control should be a priority on your lawn care schedule. There are many brands, active ...
Milky Spore Organic Grub Control Product


The 5 Best Grub Control Products for 2022 (Lawn Grub Prevention)

Grub control and prevention is critical to a quality lawn care program. Part of that program is choosing the right product for grub control. More important than the right product is the time of year ...

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How To Get Rid Of Grubs In Your Lawn

No matter where you live, getting rid of grubs and grub infestations is both frustrating and time-intensive. Like many other lawn pests, grubs are best stopped with actionable prevention steps. However, you may want to ...