Dylox 6.2 G granular insecticide - close up


Top Grub Control & Prevention Products for 2024

LAWN PHIX PRO PICK Dylox 6.2 granular insecticide is my top grub killer by a mile. If you’re looking for prevention, start with Acelepryn. I always have at least a few bags of both when ...

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Don’t Skip Grub Prevention This Spring (2024)

LAWN PHIX PRO TIPS Grub Warning! This year’s mild winter means more grubs. Skip the ineffective Imidacloprid and use Acelepryn for prevention instead. Apply confidently in the early spring (April-May) to avoid lawn damage. Acelepryn ...
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When to Apply Grub Control on Your Lawn (Best Time For Grub Treatment)

LAWN PHIX PRO TIPS To prevent and control grubs in your lawn, I can’t recommend anything other than Acelepryn (Chlorantraniliprole). It is without question, the best and safest product around for white grubs. This product ...
Scotts GrubEx

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Scott’s GrubEx vs Bayer Grub Control

If you or your neighbors had issues with Japanese beetles and grubs in the past, then when to apply grub control should be a priority on your lawn care schedule. There are many brands, active ...
Milky Spore Organic Grub Control Product


The 5 Best Grub Control Products for 2023 (Lawn Grub Prevention)

LAWN PHIX PRO PICK After treating hundreds of residential and commercial properties and covering acres upon acres of turf, I can say without hesitation that Acelepryn (liquid and granular) is the best grub-prevention product. It ...
Dylox 6.2 G granular insecticide - close up


THE 5 BEST Grub Killers (Top Products for 2023)

LAWN PHIX PRO PICK Dylox 6.2 granular insecticide is my top grub killer product on the market by a mile. Evenly spread Dylox at 3 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. across your lawn and immediately ...


Why Is My Grass Turning Yellow? (This is Why Your Grass is Not Green)

Why Is My Grass Turning Yellow? Heat stress, fungal diseases, pest infestation, and even dog urine can all conspire to turn your lush green lawn a different color. Yellowing grass is typically associated with a ...

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How To Get Rid Of Grubs In Your Lawn

LAWN PHIX PRO TIPS I experienced grub damage several years ago, and let me tell you, it’s no fun peeling back carpets of once-lush turf. I have since implemented a bulletproof strategy into my professional ...