Best Grub Killers & Grub Control Products

Best Grub Killers & Grub Control Products

Acelepryn G Insecticide Grub Control

For being such small insects, grubs and grub larvae cause devastating widespread damage to residential lawns. Without the proper control and preventive measures in your lawn care program, grub worms will damage and kill your grass to the point of needing full repair and renovation. It’s important to know the difference between insecticides that will … Read more

Why Is My Grass Not Green?

Summertime for cool-season grasses can be a very tricky and troublesome period for many lawn care enthusiasts. Between drought and heat stress, grubs and insects, brown patch disease and everything in between fertilizer and herbicide burn, the most common question(s) this time of year is, what wrong with my lawn? Why is my grass turning … Read more

How To Get Rid Of Grubs In Your Lawn

No matter where you live, getting rid of a grub infestation is both frustrating and time-intensive. Like many other lawn pests, grubs are best stopped with actionable prevention steps. However, you may want to incorporate some long-term grub preventer products that eliminate infestations before they begin. What Are Grub Worms? White grubs are the larvae of seasonal … Read more