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Lawn Care

When to Fertilize Your Lawn (A Guide to Green & Healthy Grass)

If you search online, you will literally find a myriad of answers to the question, “when to fertilize lawn.” Some say fertilize heavily in the spring, and some say in the fall. Moreover, you’ll find ...
September Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Lawn Care in September (A Guide for 2023)

For my Northeast and cool-season lawn care gurus, welcome to my favorite time of the year – early fall lawn care! The summer heat is pretty much behind us and cooler weather is ahead. This ...
Lush Lawn in Franklin

Lawn Care

Lawn Care in August 2023

The dog days of summer are winding down and it’s time to take a step back and figure out this whole August lawn care thing. There are so many things that could have transpired in ...