poa trivialis


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Light Green Patches in Lawn

It seems to be every year – particularly in the spring and early fall – that lots of questions about “patches in my lawn” pop up. I professionally treat over 15 acres of turf and ...
Poa Annua Annual Bluegrass

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Poa Annua vs Poa Trivialis (Difference & Similarities in Lawns)

Both Poa annua and Poa trivialis are undesirable types of bluegrass that can detract from a healthy lawn. While both of these unwanted grasses share similarities, they’re also different, and that can impact how you ...
Poa Trivialis bunch in cool season lawn

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Poa Trivialis (Poa Triv Control) The Ultimate Guide to Rough Bluegrass

Poa Trivialis Control Poa trivialis (often just called Poa triv) is a weed grass that you definitely don’t want growing in your fescue lawn. Poa trivialis, commonly known as rough bluegrass — and its cousin, ...