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Prodiamine Vs. Tenacity Herbicide – What’s The Difference?

If your lawn is lush and green and free from grass weeds and broadleaf weeds, you might not need to worry much about pre and post-emergent herbicides. However, if crabgrass, dandelion weeds, white clover, and ...


Tenacity Herbicide FAQs (The Ultimate Frequently Asked Questions Guide)

I see so many questions about Tenacity herbicide. It’s an awesome and unique chemical to include in your lawn care program – but there are many questions that pop up. Most of which can be ...
Quinclorac vs Tenacity


Quinclorac vs. Tenacity – What’s the difference?

While identifying grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds can be a challenge in itself, so can be selecting the right herbicide for the job. There’s a slew of different products and chemicals on the market today ...

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How Long Before Tenacity is Rainproof

Tenacity Herbicide is a unique herbicide. Not only can it kill over 40 weeds, including crabgrass and creeping bentgrass, but it also acts as a pre-emergent. In fact, the active ingredient in Tenacity – Mesotrione ...

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How To Get Rid of Creeping Bentgrass in Your Lawn

LAWN PHIX PRO TIPS Having done several bentgrass renovations, I found the best method to kill creeping bentgrass is blanket spraying 2-3 applications of Tenacity (mesotrione) with a non-ionic surfactant – the first app also ...
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Tenacity Herbicide Review – A Cool Season Lawn Testimonial

One of the hottest lawn care herbicide products over the past couple of years has certainly been the rising popularity of Tenacity herbicide . Luckily I was able to get my hands on some for ...