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How Long Does it Take for Quinclorac to Work & Kill Weeds?

Quinclorac is an effective selective herbicide to control any crabgrass problems. This weed killer is popular among many homeowners and most lawn care professionals as it kills a broad spectrum of grassy weeds and broadleaf ...
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THE BEST Weed Killer for Lawns (That Won’t Kill Grass)

Weeds are something we all try to avoid when it comes to our lawns. While they are technically plants, they are almost always unwanted. They steal nutrients and resources from the plants you want in ...
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The Best Dandelion Killer for 2023 (That Won’t Kill Your Grass)

You know spring has arrived when you start seeing the yellow flowers of dandelions emerging throughout the neighborhood. This might be a nice sight for some, but for lawn care purists, these undesirable weeds must ...
Quinclorac vs Tenacity


Quinclorac vs. Tenacity – What’s the difference?

While identifying grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds can be a challenge in itself, so can be selecting the right herbicide for the job. There’s a slew of different products and chemicals on the market today ...


THE 5 BEST Broadleaf Weed Killers for Lawns (Updated August 2023)

After putting in all the work to get that dark green lawn that is the talk of the neighborhood, the last thing you want is broadleaf weeds growing and thriving in your turf. These pesky ...
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How to Kill & Control Weeds in Your Lawn

So your lawn is full of weeds and looking for a DIY how-to kill and control weeds in your yard? Violet, dandelion, clover, creeping charlie, and crabgrass – the list of nasty cool season broadleaf weeds (dandelion) and grassy weeds (crabgrass) here in Zone 6 is a mile long, and they're all rearing their ugly heads now in the spring. April showers bring May flowers... and weeds galore!Follow these steps to help kill, control, and prevent weeds in your lawn.