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19 Common Lawn Weeds (Lawn Weeds Identification & Guide)

Broadleaf weeds, perennial weeds, perennial broadleaf weeds, annual weeds–the truth is, there are lots of lawn weeds that can affect the health and well-being of your lawn. Here, we’ve gathered information about identifying the most common lawn weeds along with the best weed control measures so you can get rid […]

Henbit weeds with purple flowers

Weeds with Purple Flowers (Common Lawn Weed Guide)

Most weeds are tenacious, but there are some common weeds with purple flowers that are especially aggressive when they invade lawns or flower beds. It’s also true that a purple flower weed such as wild violet can be attractive, but the problem with weeds is that they compete, often successfully, […]

Wild violet purple flowers

How To Get Rid of Wild Violets (What You Need to Know)

The wild violet is a low-growing perennial weed that has the potential to take over your lawn and existing plants. And killing wild violets isn’t exactly easy. In fact, getting rid of wild violets can take several treatments with weed killers and herbicides to effectively attack and destroy the root […]