I have been in lawn care for almost a decade, and the owner/operator of Lawn Phix since 2019, so I’ve used every product and tool under the sun. Here, I share my experience and feedback on these product reviews to help you in your lawn care journey. These are my top product picks for both DIYers and lawn care pros.



THE 5 BEST Lawn Fungicides for 2024 (Treatment for Turf)

LAWN PHIX PRO PICK After testing the best products side by side, I found Armada 50 WDG to be the best lawn fungicide available. It worked the best out of any systemic fungicide I’ve used, ...
Yard Mastery 24-0-6 Fertilizer Flagship SunnilandBag.


Yard Mastery Fertilizer & Lawn Care Products

Yard Mastery Lawn Care Products  The biggest and brightest new edition this year is now available for purchase at Yard Mastery.  Featuring their own line of fertilizers that are excellent choices for all grasses across ...


Kelp4Less Customer Appreciation Day Sale

Today (Wednesday February 17, 2021), Kelp4less is having a Customer Appreciation sale. All you have to do is log into your Kelp4less account, and you’ll see the wholesale discounted price automatically – upwards of 20%! ...


Kelp4less 2 for 1 Tuesday Sale EXTREME BLEND (April 26, 2022)

Today (Tuesday, April 26, 2022) Kelp4less is running its 2-for-1 Tuesday sale and featuring their most popular product, Extreme Blend ! If you select the 5 lbs. option, select 2 in the quantity and apply ...


Kelp4Less Coupons & Deals

Kelp4Less makes some of the best, most affordable products for your plants and lawn. From molasses powder and calcium carbonate to amazing all-in-one solutions like Extreme Blend, your shelves need to be stocked with their ...

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The Best Crabgrass Preventers for Lawns (2024 Crabgrass Pre-Emergent Herbicides)

LAWN PHIX PRO PICK I have been using Prodiamine (granular and liquid) as my first-round pre-emergent application every year and will never switch. Yes, it’s yellow and can be messy, but there’s no denying its ...


Kelp4Less Green Lawn & Turf

The awesome guys and gals at Kelp4Less have a brand new product – and this time it’s specifically formulated for us lawn care addicts. Just in time for the 2020 lawn care season, Green Lawn ...
2024 Lawn Phix lawn care calendar

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FREE Lawn Care Guide for 2024

The updated 2024 calendar is now available for free! Click the button now to get your copy today! Lawn Phix was the July 2019 winner of the Jonathan Green, Show Us Your Lawn  contest. Since then, ...

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Kelp4Less Extreme Blend & Humic Acid Review

I’m always looking for the next best thing to try on my lawn. There’s been lots of buzz about the N-Ext line of products, which include RGS Bio-Stimulant, Micro Greene 0-0-2, and Green Punch 18-0-1. ...