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The awesome guys and gals at Kelp4Less have a brand new product – and this time it’s specifically formulated for us lawn care addicts. Just in time for the 2020 lawn care season, Green Lawn & Turf is now for sale on the Kelp4Less website. After using a slew of their products in all of 2019, I reached out to Brandon and team to see if they would be interested in making a custom mix specifically for lawn and turf.  This new product directly compares to many of the N-Ext products from the Greene County Fertilizer Company, including RGS, D-Thatch, Humic-12, and MicroGreene.  How so? Check out what we put in this 5 pound bag.

Active Ingredients:

I wrote a full review of the ExtremeBlend and Humic Acid last summer. But for a very high-level and quick synopsis of each ingredient and it’s role in lawn care, read below:

  1. Extreme Blend: A blend of humic acids, fulvic acids, amino acids, and soluble kelp. Increases nutrient availability in soil; promotes healthy turf and deeper roots; kelp helps resist heat and drought stress (can help retail water in soil). 
  2. Molasses Powder: Provides energy for your grass in the form of carbohydrates/sugars. Can help “dethatch” your lawn, particularly in the warmer months. Safe for summer feedings.
  3. Iron Sulfate: Used to create chlorophyll – making you lawn greener within days.
  4. Humic acid: A soil amendment that increases beneficial soil microbes and microbial activity. Helps plants utilize added fertilizers, such as N-P-K.

Each of these ingredients play an integral role in the health of your turf. While purchasing each one of these amazing products separately will yield amazing results, I’m very excited that we could wrap this all into one.  Below are some images of the custom Green Lawn & Turf mix. 

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Don’t let the clumps fool you – they immediately break up and dissolve easily in warm water. The shelf life thus far is great. I’ve had this mix sitting in my basement for close to four months now and there’s no additional clumping. I store it in the same bag and box as it was shipped. And with like all dry powders and dissolvable mixes, this is best kept in a cool dry spot,   For me, the major benefits over liquid products is the shipping, portioning, and storage. 

Application Rates:

  • Apply up to 2 heaping Tablespoons (1 ounce/28 grams) to 1 gallon of water for every 1,000ft.2  
  • Spray evenly over your lawn (foliar)
    • This product can be watered in
  • Apply up to every 2 weeks, or every 4 weeks for more established lawns
    • Do not exceed 1 ounce rates, every 4 weeks in hot summer months such as July
  • Tip: Mix in a container with warm water overnight for better dissolving OR use warm tap water and a paint mixer drill attachment
    • Humic particles may clog some sprayers that don’t have tank filters

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