KELP4LESS Green Balance

Kelp4less green balance


Kelp4less green balance
Kelp4less Green Balance

Kelp4less Green Balance is your new everyday soil amendment. It’s packed with tons of micronutrients and organics – including 16% Humic Acid – to help keep your lawn healthy, green and lush. 

Application Rates: 2 ounces by weight or four  (4) heaping/rounded Tablespoons per gallon per 1,000 sq. ft.

Application Intervals: Apply as your “everyday” supplement. Apply evenly every 2-4 weeks throughout the growing season. For best results, apply in the early evening the night before irrigating. 

Game Changer: Nine (9) beneficial ingredients all-in-one. N-P-K, Humic Acid, Iron, Sea Kelp, Molasses Powder, Sulfur, and Urea. For N-Ext users, this can replace 0-0-2 MicroGreene and 7-0-0 GreeneEffect.

A very heavy micronutrient product. Also contains Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc, and trace amounts of Boron. A suitable alternative for the 0-0-2 MicroGreen and 7-0-0 GreenEffect combo.

Kelp4less green balance package

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