Lime For Lawns & Turf

Lime For Lawns & Turf

calstar lime with humic

When it comes to lime for lawns, homeowners often find themselves confused. When should it be applied, and how much is too much? Do lawns even need lime? Sometimes they do, but it can be difficult to know when or what types of lime to apply. Below, we’ll go in-depth to show you everything you … Read more

Starter Fertilizers For Seeding

Ferti-Lome New Lawn Starter Fertilizer

Whether you’re overseeding an established lawn, starting over after a full lawn renovation, or planting new grass seed on bare soil, choosing the right starter fertilizer is key. Starter fertilizer differs from other fertilizers mainly due to the higher levels of Phosphorus (P). This number on the bag (the second number, or “P” of N-P-K) … Read more

NEW Kelp4Less Lawn Care Products (2021)

Over two years of integrating Kelp4less products into my lawn care regimen, months of experimenting, and countless hours of research and math, and it has come to fruition. I’m super excited to announce the new line of lawn care products from Kelp4less for 2021. ON SALE NOW! Designed to provide the same types of micro- … Read more

Yard Mastery Fertilizer & Lawn Care Products for 2021

Yard Mastery 24-0-6 Fertilizer Flagship SunnilandBag.

Yard Mastery Lawn Care Products  The biggest and brightest new edition this year is now available for purchase at Yard Mastery.  Featuring their own line of fertilizers that are excellent choices for all grasses across the country. These can be used and substituted for many of the fertilizers in my free cool season lawn care … Read more

Kelp4Less Green Lawn & Turf

The awesome guys and gals at Kelp4Less have a brand new product – and this time it’s specifically formulated for us lawn care addicts. Just in time for the 2020 lawn care season, Green Lawn & Turf is now for sale on the Kelp4Less website. After using a slew of their products in all of … Read more