Front Yard Renovations

Welcome to Lawn Phix! I moved from condo life in late 2013, to slowly becoming a lawn care enthusiast. I’ll be continuing to update both the site, and this page, to provide a better step-by-step slideshow of what I inherited (or bought) in the fall of 2013, and the basic 4 Step program, to graduating to a full renovation and learning the tricks of the trade to dominate the neighborhood.

Check out some of my front yard renovations. 

  • October 2013 – new home purchase. Check out the yelloy, lime green lawn
  • July 2015 – ripped up a walkway, overgrown shrubs, and re-planted with hydrangeas, hostas, and lined with blue rock
  • October 2015 – removed the large boulder in the middle of the yard and planted a Yoshino Cherry memorial tree
  • May 2018 – Jonathan Green Black Beauty seeds + added organics such as Milorganite, Holganix Blue Sky, and Essentials 0-1-0. Domination

Be sure to check out my soon-to-be-published Backyard Renovations!

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