KELP4LESS Thatch Eater (2-0-4) Lawn Care

Kelp4less thatch eater


Kelp4less thatch eater

Application Rates: 1-2 ounces by weight or two-to-four (2-4) level Tablespoons per gallon per 1,000 sq. ft.

Application Intervals: Apply late spring and summer following Aeration + Yucca applications to help break down thatch and excessive organic matter. For best results, apply foliar in the early evening the night before irrigating. Water in with 1/4” of water. 

Application Type: This is a suitable alternative to N-EXT D-Thatch

Game Changer: 2-0-4 blend with the addition of enzyme powder.

This enzyme powder from kelp4less is derived from the Pepsin family of Enzymes. Working alongside molasses powder, this water soluble enzyme powder is extremely effective at breaking down organic matter. This can be used in the summer months or anytime throughout the growing season to help break down thatch and improve absorption of other nutrients.

2-0-4 Thatch Eater is also packed with 24% humic acid.

The other key ingredient is molasses powder. Molasses is a natural source of carbohydrates (sugars) and energy for your grass, and will help aid in the breakdown of thatch. 

This is an alternative to N-Ext D-Thatch.

Kelp4less thatch eater package | kelp4less thatch eater (2-0-4) lawn care

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