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The 5 Best Grub Control Products for 2022 (Lawn Grub Prevention)

Grub control and prevention is critical to a quality lawn care program. Part of that program is choosing the right product for grub control. More important than the right product is the time of year ...
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THE 5 BEST Crabgrass Killers (Updated April 2023) That Won’t Kill Your Lawn

Crabgrass is an invasive annual weed that can quickly get out of hand if not properly prevented using crabgrass preventers and pre-emergent herbicides, or killing crabgrass using post-emergent herbicide weed killer. Crabgrass will begin to germinate ...
Eagle 20EW Fungicide


THE 5 BEST Lawn Fungicides for 2023 (Treatment for Turf)

Having a thick and healthy lawn requires more than just fertilizers and herbicides. Fungus control plays an important role in proper lawn care. Untreated lawn diseases are not only unsightly, but these grass diseases can ...

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THE 5 BEST Crabgrass Preventers (2022 Crabgrass Pre-Emergent Herbicides)

Crabgrass is a pesky annual weed that needs to be prevented early in the season. There are a number of crabgrass killers on the market, but applying a split application of pre-emergent herbicides as part ...