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Humic Acid for Lawns – A Guide & Benefits to Humics in Your Yard

Generally referred to as soil conditioner, humic acid is primarily made from decayed organic material that’s rich in nutrients. The primary reason that gardeners add humic acid to their lawn soil is to improve nutrient ...
Kelp4less Humic Acid


[N-Ext] Humic12™ Alternative

Looking for an alternative to liquid humic acids like [N-Ext] Humic12™ ? Maybe you’re interested in substituting liquids by mixing your own solutions? Even more, looking to save a lot of money? If you have access ...

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Kelp4Less Extreme Blend & Humic Acid Review

I’m always looking for the next best thing to try on my lawn. There’s been lots of buzz about the N-Ext line of products, which include RGS Bio-Stimulant, Micro Greene 0-0-2, and Green Punch 18-0-1. ...