Poa Trivialis

Poa Trivialis

Poa Trivialis bunch in cool season lawn

Poa trivialis (often just called Poa triv) is a weed grass that you definitely don’t want growing in your fescue lawn. Poa trivialis, commonly known as rough bluegrass — and its cousin, Poa annua, commonly known as annual bluegrass — are among the most difficult lawn weeds to control and treat. What is Poa Trivialis? … Read more

Poa Annua Control – How To Get Rid of Annual Bluegrass

Poa Annua and Kentucky Bluegrass Comparison

Poa annua, or annual bluegrass, is a fast-spreading, grassy weed species that can take over your turf quickly if you don’t get it under control. An infestation of P. annua is very noticeable in a dark green lawn, causing off-color spots, bare patches, and an irregular surface on the lawn. When it comes to weed … Read more