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Yucca Extract for Lawns: Everything You Need to Know

Yucca is a flowering plant that grows in the desert and is native to the American Southwest and Mexico. The yucca plant works as a biostimulant and natural surfactant when applied to lawns. Not only ...
Soluble Sea Kelp for Lawns

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Sea Kelp for Lawns: Biostimulants Benefits Backed by Research

Frequently referred to as a superfood, seaweed does offer a myriad of nutrients for people, so perhaps it should be surprising that seaweed, sea kelp in particular, is also a great natural fertilizer for your ...
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Humic Acid for Lawns – A Guide & Benefits to Humics in Your Yard

Generally referred to as soil conditioner, humic acid is primarily made from decayed organic material that’s rich in nutrients. The primary reason that gardeners add humic acid to their lawn soil is to improve nutrient ...


NEW Kelp4Less Lawn Care Products (EffortLush)

Over two years of integrating Kelp4less products into my lawn care regimen, months of experimenting, and countless hours of research and math, and it has come to fruition. I’m super excited to announce the new ...