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Is a Buffalo Grass Lawn Right for You?

You want your lawn to look as attractive as possible, but that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily willing to invest countless hours caring for it. Low-maintenance grass can give you that boost in curb appeal that you desire while reducing the need for frequent mowing and fertilizing. Buffalo grass is one […]


What Is Potash? (Potassium Lawn Fertilizer)

Fertilizers can help you grow a greener lawn and a more productive garden, and the fertilizer industry produces a wide range of products for you to choose from. As you compare fertilizer products, you’re likely to see potash listed as a key ingredient in many of your options. The reason […]

Floratam st. Augustine grass

St. Augustine Grass Care & Maintenance Guide

A warm-season grass popular in sub-tropical climates like the Southern United States, St. Augustine grass is a spreading, low-growing grass with a vibrant green hue and broad, coarse leaf blades. St. Augustine grass forms dense mats and is well known for its terrific salt tolerance. Many property owners favor this […]

Foxtail lawn weed closeup

How to Get Rid of Foxtail in Lawn (Complete Guide to Foxtail Control)

With its foxy tail-like bloom, foxtail is a weed most people have encountered somewhere in the U.S. However, if it flashes its tail on your lawn, you’ll want to get rid of it quickly before it spreads. Foxtail grass or foxtail weed, as it’s commonly called, however, can be difficult […]

Pythium blight lawn

How to Treat Pythium Blight (Fungus Control)

Sometimes referred to as cottony blight, pythium root rot, or grease spot, pythium blight is a fungal lawn disease that affects various types of turf grass all over the country, but especially warm-season grasses in the southern U.S. Wet, humid weather can cause pythium diseases. Grass blades affected by Pythium […]


19 Common Lawn Weeds (Lawn Weeds Identification & Guide)

Broadleaf weeds, perennial weeds, perennial broadleaf weeds, annual weeds–the truth is, there are lots of lawn weeds that can affect the health and well-being of your lawn. Here, we’ve gathered information about identifying the most common lawn weeds along with the best weed control measures so you can get rid […]


When to Fertilize Your Lawn (A Guide to Green & Healthy Grass)

If you search online, you will literally find a myriad of answers to the question, “when to fertilize lawn.” Some say fertilize heavily in the spring, and some say in the fall. Moreover, you’ll find conflicting answers about when to fertilize lawns from reputable experts. So, what is it? What’s […]

Prodiamine vs dithiopry

Prodiamine vs Dithiopyr (Pre-Emergent Differences & Similarities)

If you’re concerned about crabgrass control and begin scouring the internet for reliable treatment options, you’ll likely come across two effective choices: prodiamine and dithiopyr. These are generic names–not brands–but various products will list one or the other as an active ingredient for crabgrass and broadleaf weed control for turf […]

Spittle bug foam in lawn

How to Get Rid of Spittlebugs

Whether you know them as froghoppers, cuckoo spitters, or plain-jane sap-suckers, the spittlebug can be a frustrating pest in any property. These bugs are some of the most common lawn pests in the continental United States, with several species affecting grasses, ornamental trees, and herbaceous plants around residential yards. Thankfully, […]


Calcium for Lawns – The Ultimate Guide to Applying Calcium to Your Lawn

Your lawn soil is basically made up of clay, silt, sand, and organic matter. However, that’s putting it a bit simply. Within these ‘ingredients’ are some basic nutrients that are also part of your soil–or should be. It’s not uncommon for soil to lack nutrients, which will then, in turn, […]