RedMax EB7001 vs. Echo PB-580T Review

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Written By: Mark Marino

a Massachusetts Core Applicator License holder and owner/operator of Lawn Phix,

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Dimensions12.9 x 18.5 x 19.320.5 x 22.8 x 19.3
Dry Weight (lbs.)22.621.5
Fuel Tank Capacity (fl. oz.)6270.9
Engine TypeAir cooled 2-cycle gasolineAir cooled 2-cycle gasoline
Spark PlugNGK BPM-8YChampion RCJ6Y
MufflerSpark arrest equippedSpark arrest equipped
Operating Engine Speed (rpm)2000 to 7300
Avg. Air Volume (cfm)510583
Noise Level dB(A)7073

RedMax EB7001 Pros

  • Power: This thing has tons of power. It’s able to easily throw wet leaves with ease. I used this recently on semi-frozen ground, and it cleaned up my 2,500 square foot front yard incredibly fast. I was also able to make a nice path into the woods by letting the RedMax leaf blower rip on full throttle. It plowed through old cleave, twigs and branches, and compost-like debris, so I was able to push the leaves back much farther this year.
  • Fuel Tank: The RedMax EB7001 has a bigger tank than the Echo PB-580T backpack leaf blower. While it makes it a little heavier, I’m able to clean much more for much longer without having to stop and refuel.
  • Choke: Unlike the Echo, the choke on the RedMax is simply up/down. There’s no buffer of in between. This helps makes the pull starting much easier

RedMax EB7001 Cons

  • Handle: I felt my hand get numb pretty quick when using this. A lot more vibration I think than the Echo PB-580T blower. This, of course, is due to the higher power than the competitor. It’s also much more rigid, and “up-and-down” than the Echo. Not much in terms of contour – almost like holding a baseball bat.
  • Throttle lever: Personal preference, but I’m not a fan of the throttle on the left, separate from the leaf blower handle itself.

Echo PB-580T Pros

  • Handle: This is much more ergonomic than the RedMax handle. It also has the throttle on the same blower tube handle.
  • Straps: Much more padding than the RedMax straps.
  • Cooling: I didn’t feel my back get as hot as I did with the RedMax.

Echo PB-580T Cons

  • Static: I needed to attach the anti-static chain to this leaf blower. I also put electrical tape around the screw on the handle to help cut down on the static shock.
  • Choke: Sometimes a bit tricky to startup. The choke is a bit sensitive. And like most all backpack blowers, you also need to tinker with the throttle when pull starting, but even more so with the choke.

Final Verdict

Unsure how much the RedMax EB7001 originally retails for, but I’m sure it’s much more than the Echo PB-580T’s $299 price tag. If you have a big lot with lots of trees, then the RedMax is a no-brainer. I bought mine used for $200 which I’d consider a steal of a deal. But if you’re on a budget and are looking for a powerful backpack leaf blower to do the job, then the Echo PB-580T is a fine option.

Overall, I would choose the RedMax EB7001 again.

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Author: Mark Marino
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