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Lawn Care Acronyms (The Definitive Guide to Lawn Care Terms)

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Written By: Mark Marino

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No matter the level of lawn care enthusiast, things can get tricky. Whether it be mother nature throwing us a curveball, irrigation issues, or simple human error, there’s a lot to learn.

Nothing can be more confusing for the beginner DIY lawn care fanatic than scrolling through Facebook and seeing posts and comments with a bunch of acronyms.

These tables of lawn care acronyms should help clear things up. Here is the ultimate guide to the ever-growing list of lawn care acronyms.

Grass Acronyms

KBGKentucky Bluegrass
PRGPerennial Ryegrass
TTTFTurf Type Tall Fescue
POAPoa Annua
JG BBUJonathan Green Black Beauty Ultra (grass seed)

Fertilizer Acronyms

AMAmmonium Nitrate
MOPMurate of Potash
FASFerrous Ammonium Sulfate
SOPSulfate of Potash
PCSCUPolymer-Coated Sulfur-Coated Urea 
XCU®A new form of PCSCU (from Agrium Advanced Technologies)
RGSRoot Growth Stimulant (from N-Ext)

Herbicide Acronyms

2-WayHerbicide containing 2 components/active ingredients (e.g. 2, 4-D and Dicamba)
3-WayHerbicide containing 3 components/active ingredients (e.g. 2, 4-D, Mecoprop-p and Dicamba)
4-WayHerbicide containing 4 components/active ingredients (e.g. 2, 4-D, triclopyr, dicamba and pyraflufen-ethyl)
BLWBroadleaf Weeds
DFDry Flowable
DGDispersible Granules
MesoMesotrione (Tenacity)
MSOMethylated Seed Oil
NISNon-Ionic Surfactant
PGRPlant Growth Regulator
WDGWettable Dispersible Granule
WSGWettable Soluble Granule

Other Acronyms

AIActive Ingredient
DIYDo It Yourself
DMODo My Own
HOCHeight of Cut
IPMIntegrated Pest Management
LCNLawn Care Nut (Allyn Hane)
PPEPersonal Protective Equipment
Prop (14.3)Propiconazole
SCSuspended Concentrate

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Author: Mark Marino
My name is Mark Marino, and I am the founder, owner, and operator of Lawn Phix. With a passion for lawn care and turf nutrition for over a decade, I've dedicated countless hours to correcting soil and perfecting lawns. Today, my expertise, backed by formal courses at UMass Extension Pesticide Education, allows me to offer top-tier lawn care services and advice. I am a fully licensed and insured lawn care applicator in Massachusetts, specializing in comprehensive turf nutrition, weed control, and lawn pest control. My license number is AL-0053865. Contact me at [email protected] or +1 (508) 500-8402.

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