THE BEST Crabgrass Removal Tools (2023 Reviews)

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Crabgrass is a stubborn lawn weed. It gets its name because of its appearance. Crabgrass grows low to the ground and its stems grow out from the clump in the center, which looks like crab legs. Once the temperate of the soil reaches 55 degrees Fahrenheit, the seeds sprout and quickly become a nightmare. They grow widely in dry and hot weather conditions. If you have any bare spots or thinning areas on your lawn, these annoying weeds will take over. Even though crabgrass sees in the fall, it first produces thousands of seeds that grow in the spring.

If you missed your application of crabgrass preventer and it has taken over your lawn, the best way to control it is to remove and get rid of crabgrass. Because crabgrass has roots and bases that clump, your ideal remover should be able to get under the roots. After that, the remover should clamp the roots to put out the roots. There are a good number of options available to you. Continue reading this article to find the best weeding tools to remove crabgrass and other lawn weeds when selecting the right one for you.

Product Reviews

Yard Butler Rocket Weeder

Yard Bulter Weed Rocket Crabgrass Removal Tool

The Yard Butler Rocket Weeder is a simple to use weeding tool to remove weeds, including crabgrass from your entire yard. The Yard Butler Rocket Weeder has a foot pedal to give your more leverage when grabbing the roots to rock them out of the ground. You will never need to use costly herbicides to remove weeds again with the Rocket Weeder. The long handle saves your back while pulling out weeds by the root. The ejector button allows you to keep your hands clean. The jaw is constructed of steel is heavy duty to give you a lifetime of accurate weed removal. This is an ideal tool for removing crabgrass.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Ergonomic design for weed pulling


  • May leave a hole in your yard when removing the weed

Gardtech Weed Puller

Gardtech Weed Puller Crabgrass Removal Tool

The Gardtech Weed Puller is a weed puller tool that has a D-shaped handle, that removes 30% of the effort you put into the labor. The handle provides you with a way to hang on the weed puller on a wall. This weed puller is ideal for any age user. It is comfortable to hold and use. It does not leave holes in your lawn when removing weeds helping you maintain its clean look. Gardtech Weed Puller has a four-claw design intended to grab the weeds at their root. It helps you efficiently pinpoint the weeds to fast removal. This metal weed puller helps your remove over 250 weeds. 


  • Easy to store
  • Sturdy design intended to last a lifetime


  • Customers claim the tube breaks easily

Grandpas Weeder

Grandpas Weeder Crabgrass Removal Tool

Grandpas Weeder was completely redesigned and improved in 2019. It has a steel design making it a strong and one of the more durable weed pullers. Grandpas weeder is one of the top crabgrass removal tools that have generations of experience and knowledge in its design. It is a combination of a bamboo handle and a four-claw steel design that works perfectly on all types of soil. You can easily control all the weeds in your yard without chemicals.  This tool for pulling weeds has a foot lever to help you push your weeder further into the ground. This crabgrass removal tool prevents you from bending over and hand pulling crabgrass roots.


  • Great for wet soil
  • Durable and effective tool


  • Difficult to operate, takes time to learn

Fiskars 4 Claw

The Fiskars 4 Claw is one of the best crabgrass removal tool options because of its long shaft to help make weed removal easier. The claw is made from stainless steel to provide more effective weed removal. The foot pedal is oversized for your entire foot allowing you to get through the hardest soil. The claws are serrated ensuring that once you get under the root, you will not lose the weed. The Fiskars 4 Claw has an ejector slide that gives you the ability to remove the weed without having to bend down or get dirty. The handle is offset to help reduce wrist strain and fatigue. 


  • Sturdy and large foot platform
  • Backed by years of experience 


  • Works best on damp or wet soil

Crabgrass Removal Tools FAQs

Is Pulling Crabgrass Effective?

Yes, pulling out crabgrass is an effective way to remove the weed once it appears. However, it is important to know that mature crabgrass has forked heads holding thousands of seeds. They will scatter if you pull them. The young crabgrass has closed seed heads and is able to be pulled. Watering the soil first is helpful.

Is it Better to Pull or Spray Crabgrass?

The best crabgrass control is to diversify your attack, first by pulling the crabgrass and then spraying it. Pulling the crabgrass eliminates weeds you can see but it takes time and patience. You should consider applying a crabgrass killer, a crabgrass preventer, and a post-emergent weed killer. 

What is the Best Tool to Dig Out Crabgrass?

The best crabgrass removal tool is the Fiskars 4 Claw Stand Up Weed Puller. It removes the crabgrass cleanly at the root. The claws are serrated for better grip. It has a foot platform and an easy eject system. The Fiskars 4 Claw is a great way to handle a crabgrass invasion.

What Kills Crabgrass Permanently?

The best way to permanently kill crabgrass is to kill the existing crabgrass with a crabgrass killer, like Quinclorac. After that, you can prevent future crabgrass growth with a pre-emergent like Prodiamine. Combining these two options is a great way to control weeds.

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